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Chai Boneh Delicatessen

Machane Yehuda St. 15


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Chai Boneh Delicacies

Chai Boneh Delicatessen is located on the main street of the market, on the corner of HaTapuach St. The deli, one of the oldest shops in the shuk, was founded in 1923 as a butcher shop by the grandfather of David Boneh, the current owner.

David, representing the third generation in a family of traders, was born and raised in the Machne Yehuda neighborhood. As a young business owner, he transformed the shop into a deli that specializes in making and selling sausages, salads, pickles, and a variety of authentic “Jerusalem flavored” homemade delicacies. To explain the secret of Chai Boneh’s charm, people say: "There are people that buy in delicatessens – here, the delicacies buy the people."

While the prices at Chai Boneh are not the cheapest, the high quality of the food and the particularly welcoming service certainly makes the shopping experience worth your while. The salads and meats are sold by weight, and there is also a range of shelf-stable grocery items. Special deli favorites include pastramis and sausages, goose breast, and lower-fat cold cuts that are rich in classic delicatessen flavors, courtesy of citrus wood smoke. Homemade salads and vegetable spreads include Yemenite schug (a spicy cilantro sauce), matbucha, hummus with whole chickpeas, green tahini, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto and spicy roasted peppers. Choose from a large selection of olives and pickled goods: green olive mixes, turmous (lupini beans), turnips, pickled lemons and other unusual local fare. The frozen section contains goods from top-quality companies, such as ready-to-use phyllo dough, artichoke bottoms and more.

The Chai Boneh Delicatessen has a kosher certificate from the Jerusalem Rabbinate; a kashrut supervisor is always on the premises. Chai Boneh also has very strict standards when it comes to its cleanliness, service, quality of the products, and the personal relationship with each and every client.
Those unable to resist temptation are able to try all the delicacies of Chai Bonei wrapped up in a hot, fresh baguette: slabs of select Italian-style salami, corned beef, smoked beef shoulder, salads, cracked Syrian olives and more.

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