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Shuk Map

Eliyahu Banai St.

  • HaAgas 1

    HaAgas 1 is the name of a song by famed Israeli singer-songwriter Ehud Banai—as well as a vegetarian restaurant in the shuk. The Banai family used to live above their vegetable store, but now it serves as inspiration for the wholesome menu served.

  • Pitzuchim Bashuk

    Pitzuchim Bashook was born in 2001. Shlomi feels a connection to the products and to the shuk. He sells nuts of all kinds, seeds, legumes and dried fruits—and serves them up with a smile.

  • Paseldes Spice Shop

    Paseldes was an Ethiopian king, and the store is named after him. Kessa opened the store in 2006 and specializes in Ethiopian spices and cooking essentials like teff (used to make injera) and unroasted (green) coffee beans.

  • Abzel Sweets

    A third generation candy store, the sweets here are imported from all over the world. Offerings include chocolates, candies, cookies, lollypops, halva and more.

  • Fedida Spices

    The Fadida family has been in the spices business since 1976. Among their homemade spice blends are: remedy spices and traditional ethnic cooking spices.

  • Eli Fish

    Eli fish is a store where you can get fresh fish, brought daily by the fishermen of the Mediterranean.

  • Aliza

    Aliza is one of the few women who has her own stand at the market. She sells different vegetables such as lettuce, green onion, pepper, eggplant and others.

  • Teller Bakery

    The Teller Bakery is one of the most famous bakeries in the market. All the breads have a sourdough base and are brought to the shuk from the main bakery on Agripas Street