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Fedida Spices

Eliyahu Banai – 18 HaAgas St.


Shop name:
Fedida Spices

This spice store is a family business, founded in 1976 and at its current location in the shuk since 2005. Now it is run by Moshe, the son of the original proprietor. Fadida Spices specializes in cooking spices that they blend themselves, holistic spice blends for natural remedies, and combinations for ethnic cooking.

Moshe recommends herbal medicines for specific problems. Also for sale are dried tomatoes (sold by weight), special blends of spices for cooking rice, and meat seasonings.

Established in:
1976 (at current location since 2005)

Message for the people:
Be united and happy.

To me, the shuk is:
A second home.