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Shuk Map

HaAfarsek St.

  • Zangi Yechezkel, Linen and Beddings

    Zangi Yechezkel established this store in the early 1950s, selling bedding and linens made in the Yechezkel brothers’ factory in Moshav Ora. The family’s factory store is now overseen by Zangi’s daughter Rachel.

  • Housewares and Gifts

    Shalom opened his store in 1998, moving to the shuk from a job at the Denmark school in Jerusalem. He offers an extensive selection of housewares, including pots and pans, dishes, glassware, cutlery and implements for cooking and cleaning.

  • Miriam‘s Hats

    Miriam and her husband, Rafael, have been working together since the early 1990s. They sell knitting and crochet kits, yarn of all kids, lace, buttons and other sewing supplies, and hats. They are happy to share tips and give advice to knitters ranging from novice to expert.

  • Shoofooni

    Friends Pnina and Daniela opened Shoofooni in 2010. They wanted to sell accessories for women of every age, touching on every price range. Shoofooni is committed to selling fairly priced items created by Israeli designers. Find products by Hila David and Daniel Yahav, bags, shirts, dresses, scarves, jewelry and more.

  • Ankona

    Yossi's father opened the business when he came to Israel from Syria in 1948, and Yossi has been running the store since the early 1980s. They sell a large selection of tablecloths, shower curtains, rugs, towels, an assortment of hats, nightwear for women and men, blankets and bedding.

  • Yosef Cohen

    Yosef made aliyah from Persia. He sells some housewares, plus special Persian spices to use as medicine, such as Sepharda (good for a cough), Gol gavzabone (borage flowers) to relieve stress, and others.

  • Ethiopia Spice Shop

    An Ethiopian store that sells ethnic products, including spices, legumes, traditional clothes, music, hair extensions, movies and more.