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5 HaShikma St., corner of 6 HaEshkol St.

Tango Shavit

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The general concept of hachapuri (hacha means cheese, and puri means dough) comes from Georgia, but it differs in taste and in style from region to region. This bakery offers a classic hachapuri, an acharuli--filled with cheese and topped with a fried egg--and a magaruli--yeast dough with a layer of cheese on top, crisped in the oven.

The proprietor, Tango, noticed that Israelis had embraced Turkish burekas and decided to enrich the city’s culinary offerings with the amazing taste of Georgian burekas. Hachapuria makes these pastries fresh, without margarine, just like Tango’s mom has been making them for years. It's recommended to order the pastries ahead, because every pastry is made specifically according to the customer's request.

Shoppers at the Hachapuria should take into account that the Georgian family business includes a lot of shouting, as well as generous sense of humor. Customers who don’t order ahead should plan to spend a few extra minutes soaking up the atmosphere.

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