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HaEgoz St.

  • Aldo - Fresh Market Gelato

    Here at Aldo Mahane Yehuda you will have the best gelato experience ever!
    By mixing the finest raw materials from Italy, and the amazing nuts, spices and fruits that only the Mahane Yehuda Market can offer, creating the most delicious, wonderful and authentic gelato flavors, every day.
  • Baruch‘s Sweets

    Passed down from father to son, Baruch’s store sells sweet things of all kinds: gummy candies, caramels, fresh juices, sodas and more.

  • HaEgoz 30

    Two designers decided to open their own store at Machne Yehuda because of the unique seller-customer relationship at the shuk, as well as the shuk’s iconic status in Jerusalem. The clothes they sell are all their own personal designs. They use natural fabrics and complimentary silhouettes.

  • Adin Coffee

    A family business specializing in coffee and spices, established the same year as Israel’s founding. The signature coffee blend, “Café Adin,” is a blend of four different kinds of beans. גם הקפה וגם התבלינים מיוצרים במקום

  • HaRakefet Flowers

    Avraham's father opened the store in the 1960s, and Avraham joined him in 1978. The shop sells a large variety of beautiful plants: roses, orchids, house plants—plus vases to hold them.

  • Roza

    Daniela is a jewelry designer who opened her own shop to sell her handmade pieces.

  • Que-Pasa

    Que Pasa is a tapas bar with a Spanish and Mediterranean-inspired menu. Spanish beer is offered to wash down the delicious treats!

  • fishenchips

    Shlomi and Aviram returned from their trip abroad with the idea to open an authentic fish'n'chips place at the shuk. The fish is fresh from their dad's stand (4 HaToot St.), and Chef Mario Gain whips up the dipping sauces fresh and from scratch.

  • Ben David Spices

    The Ben David family has been selling and buying spices throughout its history, and the shop at the market is part of the family spice business. They also offer legumes, dried fruit, truffle mushrooms, and even products against the evil eye.

  • Uzi Eli

    A well-known figure in Machne Yehuda, Uzi Eli’s colorful stand offers freshly squeezed juices with added nutritional value, like quince juice, sugarcane juice, different herbs and spices. Part salesman and part healer, he’s an unforgettable character.

  • Pri HaAdama

    Pri HaAdama sells beautiful, hand-crafted, made-in-Israel ceramics. The store is collectively owned and run by 10 female ceramic artists. At the store you can find useful tools for your home, gifts for various occasions, and unique ceramic art.