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Shuk Map

HaEshkol St.

  • Ethiopian Ethnic Center

    The Ethno-Ethiopian Center sells unique Ethiopian products, including indigenous spices, hair extensions, Ethiopian beer, special hand-made native clothes and more. On Fridays, the Ethno-Ethiopian Center also sells injera, a uniquely flavored Ethiopian flatbread.

  • The Markets Parliament

    At the Market's Parliament customers can get freshly squeezed juices. But if they need something stronger, alcoholic beverages are also on offer. Patrons choose the music here, leading to some very diverse listening choices. This is where the shop owners go when they want some down time, or if they need to compare prices with other owners. The Market’s Parliament is also a nostalgic location, with pictures of the Israeli Black Panthers and old-timers swapping war stories.

  • Hachapuria

    The Hachapuria is a well-known establishment in the Machne Yehuda market, serving delicious Georgian pastries to its enthusiastic customers. All of them are baked on the spot according to secret family recipes. Patrons of Hachapuria come not only for the food, but also to soak up some of the Georgian “chutzpa” as well--so it’s a good idea to order in advance or to leave extra time for a visit to the store.

  • Mimi‘s Bistro

    At Mimi's Bistro you'll find a variety of breakfasts, salads and sandwiches. Try a Croque-Monsieur (a grilled French-style cheese toast filled with fresh ingredients), a Croque-Madame (a fried egg grilled sandwich), crepes, Belgian Waffle, quiches, pastas or soup. It’s all freshly made. Mimi also holds gourmet French cooking workshops-- find details at Mimi's Bistro.

  • Mousseline Jerusalem

    Mousseline is a boutique ice-cream shop that specializes in “fresh fruit-with-a-twist” sorbets, including such flavors as grapefruit with basil and sour cherry sorbet. Mousseline also serves an exquisite house coffee blend created by the owners, with 80% Ethiopian beans and 20% Brazilian.

  • Ichikadana

    After 20 years in India, Lehava Herman opened Ichikidana in the midst of Machane Yehuda’s hustle and bustle. The restaurant serves authentic Indian food and desserts unlike anywhere else in the city: Banoffee pie (banana, coconut and caramel cake), Gulab Jamun (a fried milk ball with rose water), or a special Indian milk-based drink.

  • Himalaya

    Himalaya is a chain of herbal medicine and natural cosmetics stores. The products sold here are based on the ancient Indian Ayurveda system of traditional medicine. The herbs and plants are all kept in vacuum-sealed packages for freshness. They are wonderful for overall skin care, for cleansing and purifying the blood, acne problems and more.

  • Dave‘s Salon

    Dave Zikri was the personal hairdresser of the late Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, as well as many high-ranking police officers. Due to his passion for the shuk, he decided to establish a men's hair salon at Machne Yehuda. Dave still cuts the hair of many of his regular clients--as well as new customers who wish to have their hair cut and shave like they used to in the old days, with a straight razor and shaving cream.