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Hamami Brothers

9 HaShazif St.

Arik Hamami

Shop name:
Hamami Brothers

The Hamami brothers used to sell only spices, but today they also offer a wide variety of home remedies, passed on from generation to generation. The store offers spices for cooking fish, meat, and rice; ground poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and flax; almonds, peanuts, and other kinds of nuts; coffee, rice, quinoa, and chickpeas (gluten free). All the nuts are roasted with potato starch and are gluten free.

What else is on offer? White tea, a home remedy for soothing and cleansing the blood stream that came to Israel via Persia. A special kind of Yemenite gum, made of wood resin (an home remedy for women which strengthens the uterus), as well as chia - seeds of a variety of Mexican sage that is a good source of Omega-3.

Established in:
2001 (the family has been the marketplace for much longer)

To me, the shuk is:
Everything. Food and fun.