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Shuk Map

HaShaked St.

  • Mizrachi Pitzuchim

    Proprietor Yossi joined the family business in the 1970s. At the store you will find all kinds of nuts, dried fruit, spices and special spice blends, Belgian chocolates, honey and special extracts.

  • Itzik‘s Fruits and Vegetables

    The store was established by David, Itzik's father. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the mainstays of this long-running business.

  • Yaakov Aharon Sweets

    Yaakov opened his sweet shop in the early 1990s. All kinds of candies and chocolates are for sale, including “collections” such as birthday bags.

  • Roman and Meir Butcher Shop

    Roman and Meir are father and son who have been in Machane Yehuda since the 1960s. Their butcher shop offers fresh chicken, fresh turkey, frozen meats and other frozen items such as vegetables and kibbeh.

  • Priel Ben Daniel

    At the time when there were no event halls in Jerusalem, Rafi (Priel's husband) used to rent dishes for events. Today, the store retains its old style, selling housewares of all kinds.