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HaShazif St.

  • Cafe Mizrachi

    Eli Mizrachi, a Machane Yehuda veteran, opened his coffee shop to help the market attract new clientele. His bet turned out to be a great one, and today Cafe Mizrachi is one of the household names at the market.

  • Abadi Cookies

    The home of Abadi cookies, with some extras such as mahlab (a kind of spice), and a wide variety of cookies. Now under new ownership, but still baking the original recipes.

  • Hamami Brothers

    At the Hamami Brothers' store you will find not only spices, but also an impressive selection of home remedies, including some white tea -- a special Persian remedy, which soothes and cleans the blood stream. Spices are ground on the spot and the employees are happy to assist and give advice to all.

  • Naomi Vintage

    Naomi Vintage is a store that lives up to its name, selling second-hand and vintage clothing of all kinds.

  • Eliyahu Cohen

    Eliyahu Cohen came to Israel from Persia in 1981, and he decided to open a housewares store at the market. Apart from his smile, you will also find at the store all the products and tools you need for your home.

  • Ben Ohr Aaron Housewares and Gifts

    At the Housewares and Gifts shop are pots and pans, laundry racks, towels, plates, cutlery and everything necessary for equipping a home!