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HaTapuach 1 Juice Bar

1 HaTapuach St.

David Boneh

Shop name:
HaTapuach 1 Juice Bar

After shuk’s renovations D,avid Boneh opened a natural juice bar named for its location: HaTapuach 1. A wide variety of fresh juices and shakes made from seasonal fruits (by turns pomegranates, apples, grapefruits and oranges, sweet carrots and others) are the “bread and butter” of this stand.

HaTapuach 1 is run by the Boneh family, which makes it a point to provide customers with excellent, friendly service. Anyone who wants to learn a little bit about the wonderful healing powers of the juices can ask for an explanation about why you should drink carrot juice with a touch of olive oil on a daily basis, or what attributes you'll find in a freshly squeezed pomegranate juice.

Tourists and Jerusalemites alike are invited to stop for a breather and for a refreshing, freshly squeezed juice. Take some home in a bottle—available in small or large bottles.

Message for the people:
Stay healthy.

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