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Shuk Map

HaTapuach St.

  • HaTapuach 1 Juice Bar

    A wide variety of fresh juices and shakes made from seasonal fruits (by turns pomegranates, apples, grapefruits and oranges, sweet carrots and others) are the “bread and butter” of this stand.

  • A.R. Fish

    A.R. Fish sells all kinds of fish, both fresh and frozen. The stand is kosher, but sells a wide variety of fish, including salmon, mullet and tilapia. Rafi has been building a regular clientele for two decades.

  • David and Tzachi Fish

    David and Tzachi moved to HaTapuach St. recently from the corner of Etz Chaim and Agrippas St.. They sell fresh fish of all kinds, both salt- and fresh-water varieties. The fish is so fresh it is safe for use in raw preparations like sushi and ceviche. David is also a reliable source for cool recipes and can recommend special fish.

  • Pitzuchei Mizrachi

    Pitzuchei Mizrachi has been in the market since 2009 and sells all kinds of nuts, plus dried fruit and different kinds of legumes.

  • Siman Tov Butcher Shop

    Eli has been in the meat industry since the 1970s. He specializes in fresh poultry and frozen and aged beef of all kinds: entrecote, shoulder, roasts and more.

  • Shabtai Butcher Shop

    Shabtai was opened in the early 1960s, initially selling only chicken. They have since added a large selection of frozen and fresh meat. Shabtai and his sons are still at the helm of the butcher shop.

  • Ochlim B‘Shuk

    Naomi and Aharon, the owners, opened the restaurant in 2003, and since then they have been cooking authentic Persian food on kerosene stoves.