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4 HaEshkol St.

Lehava Herman

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Lehava was born in India and has been living in Jerusalem for over 20 years. She decided that Jerusalem needed of a vegetarian restaurant and opened a small place in the shuk, because that's where everything happens. To her great surprise, everybody followed suit.

Ichikidana serves “tali”: a comprehensive Indian platter with rice, four kinds of cooked vegetables, lentils, four different dips, a salad, and yogurt with bread. Other popular offerings include samosas, dosa, lassi (a fruity yogurt-based drink), Indian chai tea, and authentic confections like bannoffee (a caramel, coconut and banana pie) and gulag jamon (a fried milk ball with rose water).

Lehava changes aspects of the menu on a daily basis, in part to demonstrate the depth of the Indian culinary world and also to keep things interesting. She strives to make the food authentic and healthy.

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Message for the people:
You should try to be a vegetarian for just one day, to keep things balanced and healthy.

To me, the shuk is:
The only place that reminds me of India.