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Shuk Map

Machane Yehuda St.

  • The Kippa Man

    At the Kippa Man store find a huge variety of yarmulkes, as well as religious objects and souvenirs for tourists.

  • Shai‘s Place

    Shai and his wife, Yehudit, have been selling shirts, knitting and sewing accessories, hats and scarves since the early 1990s.

  • Raanan‘s Barbershop

    Eli, the manager of the shop, inherited it from his father. Many shop and stand owners from the market all come here for a haircut. Parts of the movie based on David Grossman's book Someone to Run With were filmed at Eli's shop.

  • Yass and Son Najach

    A family store since 1950, at one time they sold groceries but have since modified their shop to sell legumes, dried fruit and spices.

  • Shimshon Pickles Center

    Two generations of the family work here, and after many years in the shuk they offer a variety of homemade salads, pickles, spicy peppers, goat cheeses and more.

  • Mimon Spices

    Here you can find coffee beans imported from Brazil, cafe mocha from Italy, organic products, herbal tea, ingredients from the Far East, baklavas, and most importantly special spices of the Mimon household, brought by the family from Tunisia.

  • Chai Boneh Delicatessen

    The store is a veteran of Jerusalem, opened back in 1923 as a butcher shop owned by David Boneh's grandfather. At the deli you will find different foods and gourmet delicacies, homemade salads, and special sausages in addition to kind and welcoming service.

  • Super Shuk

    The first supermarket at the shuk, Super Shuk has everything except fruits and vegetables. Today, the store has been passed down to the next generation.

  • Neeman Brothers

    Netanel and Avner Ne'eman opened their store at the market in 1983, and they have been selling spices, legumes and dried fruit ever since.

  • Ochaion Eggs

    Yehuda Ochaion opened his stall, selling eggs and pickles, in the early 1980s. Once his son joined the business, they began to sell fresh fruit as well. The eggs come from Moshav Kisalon, and the fruit comes from the Golan Heights.

  • The Hamawi Brothers

    The Hamawi brothers began to sell frozen meat at the shuk in 1974. A less expensive alternative to fresh meat, they built a successful business with frozen choices. Today they have a chain of stores and distribute meat all around Jerusalem. They are still very proud and fond of this first branch, which symbolizes their beginning in the business.

  • The Shambiko Brothers

    The Shambiko brothers run a multi-generational family business of selling fruit. The store mainly sells seasonal fruit to guarantee fresh and juicy fruits for their loyal customers.

  • Hava Brothers‘ Bakery

    Ovadia and his brothers opened the bakery in 1967. They started with eshtanor and pita, but in time they added other breads. The bakery is right behind the stand, which means customers will always get the freshest possible products.

  • David Haim Drinks

    David Haim opened up a liquor store at the market in the 1970s. Joined by his sons, the store now offers a large variety of soft drinks, beers, liqueurs, wines and more.

  • The Fruit Center

    The space of the Fruit Center has been in Nissim’s family since 1968. Originally a restaurant, it was transformed into a stall selling fresh fruit in 1975.

  • Pitzuchei Machane Yehuda

    Itzik and Nati offer nuts and all sorts of dried fruits, from the everyday to the exotic.

  • Cohen Pickles

    Another family delicatessen business, now run by the third generation, Cohen pickles has been transformed from a butcher shop to one that sells prepared foods like pickles, homemade salads and sausages.

  • A. P. Yashar

    In its third iteration under the same owner, Avner has taken A.P. Yashar from a clothing store to a shekel store to a place to find home goods.

  • Azoura

    Another third generation business in the shuk, Azura stretches back to the 1920s. Cold juice drinks, using unusual ingredients like tamarind or apricot, are the mainstay of this store.

  • Battat Brothers Butcher Shop

    A family-owned and –operated butcher shop that migrated to the Machane Yehuda shuk from the Old City.

  • Chen Cakes

    Chen Cakes traces its history in the shuk to 1964. In addition to cakes, they sell a wide array of breads and other bakery items.

  • Uri and Sons Delicacies

    From a butcher to a housewares store and now a delicatessen, this store has been in Uri’s family since before 1948. Uri works side by side with his sons Itzik and Yossi.

  • Aziz Fashion

    The Aziz family was the first to bring clothing into the market. Their merchandise includes dresses, shirts, pants for men and women (for both religious and secular shoppers), undergarments, socks, coats and more.

  • Biocca

    The owners were captivated by Machane Yehuda's charm and, following the advice of Eli Mizrachi (of Café Mizrachi), opened a clothing store. They have been working with several regular designers: Eli Elior, Inbar, Kumbamela, Geffen, Antivirus and more. They try to keep things fresh and new; the collections change almost every month.

  • Minimarket Yaakov

    Yaakov understood that even in the shuk you need a mini-market, just like in any neighborhood. After the stores closes, workers come here to shop for themselves. Find the basics: dairy products, drinks, cleaning products, disposable housewares, wine, cigarettes and more.

  • The Original Bourekas from Haifa

    The original burekas from Haifa is made without margarine! Choose from Turkish burekas, Spanish burekas, boyos (dough with a mixture of cheeses) all served with pickles, tahini, egg and spicy gravy. Drinks include hot or iced coffee, and on the weekends there are sweets—burekas dough filled with chocolate, halva, nuts or sweet vanilla cheese.