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Mizrachi Pitzuchim

9 HaShaked St.

Yossi Mizrachi

Shop name:
Mizrachi Pitzuchim

Mizrachi Pitzuchim is another family business in the shuk, but this one was unplanned: son Yossi was in the middle of his post-army trip when he got the call to fill in for his dad, Yitzchak (Tsachko). The store has been in operation since 1961; Yossi has been working there since the early 1980s and now heads the staff. There's a wide variety of nuts, organic dry fruits, spices, special spice blends, the house granola, Belgian chocolates and pastries, olive oils, honey and more.

Established in:

Message for the people:
Be kind and respectful toward each other.

To me, the shuk is:
A second home.