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Mousseline Jerusalem

2 HaArmonim St.

Orit Vardi

Shop name:
Mousseline Jerusalem

Orit left the hi-tech industry to learn the art of making ice cream and desserts--in France! Her husband loves Machne Yehuda, and he decided that the best place to open an ice cream store would be the shuk.

Mousseline offers many unusual flavors, such as grapefruit with basil, sour cherry and more. The shop uses only fresh fruit from the market, which is instantly recognizable in the refreshing taste of Mousseline's sorbets and ice creams. Orit also brought in her own professional coffee making machine; she buys the coffee from someone who roasts the beans by hand. Together they came up with a special blend, named Mousseline, comprised of 80% Ethiopian beans and 20% Brazilian beans. The tea is from Mariage Freres, a famed Parisian tea house.

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Message for the people:
Women and mothers should be independent.

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