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MachaneYehuda Parking Lot

An exclusive benefit for Yala Basta’s customers - the MachaneYehuda’s website
  • The MachaneYehuda parking lot, in cooperation with the MachaneYehuda website, provides those who visit the website, groups that travel through our group travel planner and those who purchase a Tasting card or a Culinary tour with the MachaneYehuda market—by using the Bitemojo app—an exclusive benefit: a discount starting from the first parking hour. To receive the benefit, please click your designated button – suitable for the purpose of your visit to the market.
  •  To realize the benefit, print/present the coupon you received after scheduling a Bitemojo culinary tour and/or purchasing a Tasting card, along with the parking lot’s entrance voucher. Website visitors arriving to the market, please press the Site Visitors button. 
We accept the following parking apps:

Click on the benefits listed below depending on the benefit you are interested in:
for 10 % discount -Click here
or for fixed price of 20 NIS after 16:30 -Click here

Want bigger benefits? Purchase one of our Market Experiences and get special parking benefits.
 for the clients with the bite card, guided tour or bitemojo app tour

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Within a short walking distance of the Machane Yehuda Market, you can find the cheapest and most convenient parking lot, designed for the large number of visitors coming to enjoy the Machane Yehuda Market. Whether your plan is to shop, go out on a group-tour or enjoy the market’s vivacious night scene, the Market Parking Lot is the most comfortable parking lot in the Machane Yehuda area. Scroll down to enjoy an exclusive discounted parking benefit, providing site visitors, groups—traveling the market with one of Bitemojo’s organized tours—or independent travelers who enjoy the Machane Yehuda Tasting Card or the unique Bitemojo app, the perfect experience.

It has been long since the Machane Yehuda Market was simply a place for “routine” shopping. Nowadays, there are dozens of guided tours taking place at the Machane Yehuda Market each month.  Travelers, families, couples and groups of friends all arrive to visit this trendy culinary attraction. Apart from providing you with general information, the Machane Yehuda website offers numerous entertainment options – whether as a group, for guided tours at the market or as individuals wishing to enjoy the very best of the market’s leading stalls. The market’s ever-evolving night scene makes it an attractive spot to visit during the day and night.
Parking in the market area is highly limited. Regular parking spaces (blue and white) are available until 19:00, yet parking spaces are limited. The most convenient way to arrive at the Machane Yehuda Market, without standing in a traffic jam or waiting for parking spots to clear, is by parking at a supervised parking lot. The Market Parking Lot provides the market’s visitors with precisely this option.

Managing the Market parking lot, Argaman Parking Lots has greatly invested in making the parking lot accessible, adding digital signage, lighting and generally renovating the parking area to provide convenient parking for visitors of the MachaneYehuda Market and the surrounding area.

The Market Parking Lot is located within a short walking distance from the culinary scene of the market – near the Sima Restaurant, Machneyuda Restaurant, the Neighbor’s Bar, Jaco Street Restaurant, Midnight Restaurant, Hachapuria, Morduch, Fortuna, Rahmu, Azora, and more.
The parking lot has 6 parking levels and more than 400 regulated parking spaces. An elevator reaches directly to Agripas Street, from which visitors can either enter the market or go towards Jaffa Street.
The Market Parking Lot is located on 88 Agripas St. / 4 Shmuel Baruch St. Tap on the link to open the location on WAZE.