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מפת השוק

Pereg Spices

79 Etz HaChaim St.

Haim Pereg

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Pereg Spices

Pereg Spices, established in 1906, is a family-owned business. Many years of experience, professionalism and know-how have been handed down as a legacy. The Pareej family traded and sold spices in Libya, where they originally came from. After coming to Israel they Hebraized their surname to Pereg (Hebrew for poppy seeds or the poppy flower).

Haim Pereg’s first memories are strewn with childhood aromas such as olive oil, turmeric, cumin and paprika. At moshav Zeitan (near Lod), where he was born, he used to help his father sell spices at the local market.

Pereg is the leading spice company in Israel, and has an overwhelming variety of spices, from common to the rare and exotic ones. Here you will find a flavorful spice for every meal; they all come from culinary creativity and a genuine passion for food. With all due respect to the vegetables, meat and the fish that make an excellent meal, nothing can outdo the overwhelming and delicious tastes that are infused into the dishes by the spices. For Pereg, the spices, the mixes and the oils are what gives every raw product its character and its soul. They also offer a wide variety of products for an enjoyable cooking experience for the entire family.

At Pereg, over 100 kinds of spices are produced, including different spice blends, fresh and natural herbs, and olive oil. There are absolutely no preservatives, MSG, food additives or food coloring. Most of the spices are also gluten free and safe for celiac patients. Pereg is kosher under the Badatz Lemehadrin supervision. Many items are also kosher for Passover. All the spices are made in Israel.

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