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Pri HaAdama


6 HaEgoz St.

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Pri HaAdama

Pri HaAdama is an artists’ cooperative, collectively owned and operated by 10 women; they take turns staffing the store. All 10 women are ceramic artists who decided to unite in order to establish their own place at Machne Yehuda. The shuk was selected due to its central location and importance.

People come to market to buy food, and Pri HaAdama sells pottery to highlight the beauty of the food. The store offers some useful housewares, gifts for different occasions, and unique pieces. Everything is made in Israel. At the store you will find 10 individual styles, and also designs by two artists not affiliated with the cooperative.

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Message for the people:
Don’t forget to enjoy the beauty.

To me, the shuk is:
The most colorful and joyful place.