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  • Hachapuria

    The Hachapuria is a well-known establishment in the Machne Yehuda market, serving delicious Georgian pastries to its enthusiastic customers. All of them are baked on the spot according to secret family recipes. Patrons of Hachapuria come not only for the food, but also to soak up some of the Georgian “chutzpa” as well--so it’s a good idea to order in advance or to leave extra time for a visit to the store.
  • Pasta Basta

    At Pasta Basta, only high-quality raw materials are used; some of them come straight from the market, and some are imported from Italy. The pasta is prepared every morning in front of the customers. Sauces and desserts are also made on the spot.
  • Fishenchips

    Shlomi and Aviram returned from their trip abroad with the idea to open an authentic fish'n'chips place at the shuk. The fish is fresh from their dad's stand (4 HaToot St.), and Chef Mario Gain whips up the dipping sauces fresh and from scratch.
  • Aldo - Fresh Market Gelato

    Here at Aldo Mahane Yehuda you will have the best gelato experience ever!
    By mixing the finest raw materials from Italy, and the amazing nuts, spices and fruits that only the Mahane Yehuda Market can offer, creating the most delicious, wonderful and authentic gelato flavors, every day.
  • ​​​​​​​HaAgas 1

    HaAgas 1 is the name of a song by famed Israeli singer-songwriter Ehud Banai—as well as a vegetarian restaurant in the shuk. The Banai family used to live above their vegetable store, but now it serves as inspiration for the wholesome menu served.
  • UZI ELI‘s

    A well-known figure in Machne Yehuda, Uzi Eli’s colorful stand offers freshly squeezed juices with added nutritional value, like quince juice, sugarcane juice, different herbs and spices. Part salesman and part healer, he’s an unforgettable character.