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  • Bank Yahav
    On 28 February 2012, we in the Comptroller’s Department of Bank Yahav took off for a team building day.
    Following a satisfying and filling meal at an area restaurant, we met Yuli, our wonderful guide from More Tourism. Yuli took us on a tour of the alleyways of Nachlaot and the Machane Yehuda market, and she did so in a manner that was interesting, funny and filled with tastes and smells.
    We enjoyed hearing compelling stories about the people and the places, from the past and from the present. 

    Under the framework of a departmental team building day at our company, yesterday, 15 February 2012, we experienced a tasting tour of Shuk Machane Yehuda.
    Nitzan, our tour guide from More, accompanied us through the alleys of the market and the Nachlaot neighborhood.
    Over the course of the entertaining and high-quality tour, it was revealed to us that we were in the company of someone interesting and brimming with knowledge. We were entranced by her and by the stories she imparted. She succeeded in making us feel like we were part of the stories and places where we journeyed.
    In conclusion, our guide was professional and pleasant, and we’ll be pleased to involve her in future tours with our group. Please share our deepest thanks for this magical afternoon.
    Meni Schnir
    Director of Information Systems

    On behalf of myself and in the name of the delegation from the World Zionist Organization’s Department of Diaspora Activities, I’d like to thank you for the tour of Machane Yehuda and the Racha restaurant which took place on this past December 14th and was organized by you.
    There’s no doubt that the tour of the Machane Yehuda market, under the guidance of Gil, who dazzled us with his knowledge, was a delight and we even learned and became wiser with regards to the hidden gems of the shuk. We won’t soon forget the tastings that we enjoyed as intense highlights of the tour.
    At the tour’s conclusion, we arrived at Racha, the Georgian restaurant, where the flavors, hospitality and cooking workshop were exceptional, as was the traditional Georgian “ceremony of blessings,” which we learned about and partook in, under the guidance of the wonderful Lili.
    Once again, huge thanks, and I look forward to working together further.
    With regards,
    Ronit Basch
    Department Chair

    Leonardo Hotel
    We’d like to thank you for the terrific day which you organized for us in the Machane Yehuda market, and the Nachlaot neighborhood, in Jerusalem.
    We started the day with a fascinating tour of Nachlaot, where we heard about the early days of Jewish settlement outside the walls of the Old City.
    From there, we continued to explore in the streets of the shuk, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the Haifa Bourekas bakery, we tasted delicacies in a variety of shops, and we heard fascinating explanations and stories from the vendors and the guide who accompanied us.
    After the tour, we arrived at Black Bar N Burger, where a pampering and mouthwatering lunch awaited us.
    Everyone enjoyed, and the successful day out was delicious and interesting. Recommended!