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machane yehuda bite card

The Machane Yehuda Bite Card

Taste the abundance of the Machne Yehuda market, at your own time and convenience, through one single ticket, for only 105 NIS!

The Machane Yehuda Bite Card
The Bite Card is comprised of 6 slips curated in order to give you a chance to try a variety of products, flavors and the aromas of the market -
without having to depend on an organized group, or tour.

*New! now you can find out a few of the market secrets from our audio guide (requires a smartphone with data service, and headphones)

Get the best of the Machne Yehuda Market now in 110 NIS!

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Wev'e made you the following clip

Tastings Included with the Card:

 A Taste of Georgian or Jerusalem Baked Goods 
Imaruly - savory pastry stuffed with cheese or spinach 
or A taste of Sabih or Falafel (Kosher)

**Georgian baked goods are served in the restaurant that does not hold certificate of Kashrut,
though the kitchen is kosher and only dairy.

 Authentic Jerusalem Bite
A Taste of Kubbeh Soup or Stuffed Vegetables : Moroccan cigar, kubbeh and stuffed grape leaf or red Kubbeh soup (Kosher)  
*Tasting is avalable untill 16:00 pm.
Handmade couscous with vegetable stew or tasting of mediterranean  shakshuka with pickles on the side

 Meat Patty a la Plancha or A Taste of Hummus

Freshly made Angus meat patty  (Kosher cerificate or Rabbanut) or A Hummus plate with pita bread (Cetificate of Kashrut of Tzoar)

 A Taste of Health Drink 

Cup of fresh health juice (Kosher)

 Tasting a boutique beer or 2 mini arais

Israeli boutique beer in a glass of 200 cc  (Kosher) or a pair of mini arais with dressing (Kosher)
 A Taste of  Fresh Coffee or Artisan Ice cream

 Cappuccino / espresso / mint tea (Kosher)  or A scoop of Ice cream (Kosher)


Number of tickets:   


This is what people who purchased our Bites card said about us:

  • Dalit Russo, Zur Hadassa

    “We started with a cup of cappuccino accompanied with organic cookies – that’s all we needed to get warmed up on such a cold day.  We continued to indulge ourselves with an “indulging burekas – accompanied with a hard-boiled egg and pickles – which was excellent.  We continued on to the Halva booth, then our stomach began to protest and begged us to slow down a bit; we continued on to the cheese tasting and after tasting around 8 types of cheese – we understood that we won’t be able to make it to the next stop.  We raised a white flag and announced a temporary surrender.  We absolutely enjoyed it – the tales, the aromas and how not- the food – and we were left with a taste for more… (well, we still have half a card left).”
    (Dalit Russo, Zur Hadassa)
  • Dafna Zolfian, Har Hatzofim Leadership

    “We were on a team-building day in the middle of the winter, seven hungry and frozen people.  We collected the ticket from a lovely shop at the market and immediately began our tour with the Bites card.  Alongside the amazing tastings at the boutique stands, searching for the next stand or shop was such a wonderful experience.  We enjoyed the explanations about each place as well as the satisfying, heartwarming tastes.  The market has become a place that is fun for walking, tasting and buying at.  What a magical atmosphere!”
    (Dafna Zolfian, Har Hatzofim Leadership)
  • Dalia and Arye Shachal, Ein Gedi

    “We came, we tasted, we enjoyed.  The organization is efficient.  We received a warm welcome everywhere.  Way to go!!!”
    (Dalia and Arye Shachal, Ein Gedi)
  • Shira, Rishon Le’Zion

    “Hi Sivan,
    I promised I’d tell you how it was, so here it is… it was just excellent!!
    Everything was very organized and clear, starting from the collection of the ticket, through the explanations and directions and all the way through the tour itself.
    It was tasty, varied and my husband, who was the object of the tour, was absolutely thrilled with the concept.  
    To put it shortly – way to go – what a great idea, great execution and great, attentive and quick service, and we will gladly continue to spread the message.
    Thank you!
    (Shira, Rishon Le’Zion)
  • Elija Eshel

    “On Friday, my wife took me on a tour around the market with the Bites card for my birthday.  It was an amazing tour, really… I recommend it with my heart (and mouth).  Tasty, hospitable, a teaching experience – in short – highly recommended.”
    (Elija Eshel)
  • May Shuv, Nana 10

    “Yalla Basta’s Bites card took me by the hand; I didn’t have to spend time thinking how to distribute the room I have in my stomach for food.  Without the card, I guess I would have missed the experiences others specially come here for.  Knowing where to go created a more purposeful experience for me, a non-vague and uncomplicated experience.  All this without having to search for things online and without having to make special preparations in advance, without getting lost while walking around the market and without going home, thinking that perhaps I missed some significant place in the market.  I’ve tasted the best of the best, with precise essentiality, all in good taste.  I totally recommend the Bites card.”
    (May Shuv, Nana 10)

Have some more questions? read our FAQ

Important Details:

1. The tasting details and the locations of some of the shops are subject to change, according to the current situation at the market and the daily inventory. 
2. Some of the tastings may contain gluten, nuts, sesame, different spices and other food products that should not be eaten by those who are allergic to these products. If you have a doubt that there is a certain food that you are allergic to in one of the tastings, we recommend that you do not purchase the ticket.
3. Operating hours: Sun-Thurs 09:00-18:00 Friday 09:00 until 2 hours before Shabat. (Beer, Dim Sum,Meat Patty and Hummus tastings are availble from 11 AM, A taste of Kubeh soup is available untill 16:00) Please note the Bite card is not available on Shabbat and Israeli holidays.
4. Fridays are very busy days in the market. Bear in mind you might need to wait in line for some tastings and sitting in the shops might not be availble

5.Ticket pickup is at the Machane Yehuda market. After purchasing your tickets, you will receive an E-mail with all the information needed.
6.The vendors in the card all have Jerusalem Rabbanut kosher certificates except for the Georgian Baked goods (Dairy kitchen with no Certificate) and Hummus tasting that has Private Hashgaha Certificate. 

7.Cancellation policy: 14 days after the purchase, and only if the cards have not been picked up full refund will be received. After 14 days or if the cards have been picked up there will bo no refund.
8. The card is valid for six months from the date of purchase.