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The Original Bourekas from Haifa

24 Machane Yehuda St.

Gitty Abutbol

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Original Burekas from Haifa

Gitty's husband, Effi, brought the business to Jerusalem from Haifa. The
bourekas is made with canola oil — no margarine — and is freshly prepared in-house. Choose from Turkish bourekas, Spanish bourekas, or Boyos (dough with a mixture of cheeses), all served with pickles, tahini, egg and spicy relish. You can also order hot or iced coffee. On the weekends there are also "sweets" bourekas dough filled with chocolate, halva, nuts or sweet vanilla cheese. The owners also have a kosher dairy catering company, "Gavinaz," inspired by the different aromas and the special flavors found at the shuk.

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