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Tours of the Machane Yehuda Market


  • Classic Tour

    The classic tour will introduce you to the best of the best of the Machane Yehuda market in one tour: flavors and scents, cheeses, pastries and sweets. This tour includes Nahlaot Neighborhood visit, which is an integral part of the history of the area.

    The tour  includes tastings, stories, and special store discounts and great atmosphere.

  • Open Tour at the Machane Yehuda Market and Nahlaot

    The Open Tour will introduce you to the best of the best of the Machane Yehuda market in one tour: flavors and scents, beverages, pastries and sweets.

    The tour is held in groups of up to 20 participants is guided by  certified tour guide.

  • Chef guided tasting tour

    If you are "foodies" you will adore to explore the flavors, spices, ingredients and other cooking secrets on the shleves of the Machne Market together with the professional Chef. Be prepared for a cooking experience rolling out on the vendor's stalls right in front of your eyes.

  • Graffiti and Night life at Machane Yehuda market

    Come with us to discover what lies with in the market streets when night falls on them, in a tour that combines street art, bars and drinks. Amazing drawings on the closed doors of the shops can tell you about the local culture, Israeli celebrities and stories from Israeli history.

    This is your chance to get to know with the other character of the market and Israeli audience.

  • Alcohol, Bars and Friends tour at Machane Yehuda

    When that time of the day comes, and the streets of the market lit up with the lights and hustle of the small, boutique bars that are opening up everywhere, we invite you to come and loosen up Jerusalem style. Find out how it all started, party with the people and don't forget about drinking a few - Le'Haim!

  • Shuk Cooking Workshop

    The cooking workshop provides a unique and exciting experience to complement the market tour. After purchasing your products and provisions with the chef, directly from the market stands, you will cook a multi-course gourmet meal according to the group's size and preferences.

Food tours Jerusalem
Yalla Basta provides the best food tours in Jerusalem! Explore Israel’s hidden treasures and dine like a local. Indulge in the culinary pleasures of Jerusalem through many different food tours. Experience the culture and history of Israel while enjoying Israeli delicacies. We offer guided or self-lead food tours at the Machane Yehuda Market as well as cooking classes taught by professional chefs. Bask in the plethora of flavors at the extensive market. Experience the Shuk from a different perspective with the graffiti and nightlife tours. There is more to Jerusalem than Machane Yehuda, head over to the Old City for a taste of ancient tradition and history. Culinary tours, historical tours, tours that combine both- you name it. Immerse yourself in delicious cuisine and take in all of the authentic Israeli culture.

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