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מפת השוק

Tzidkiyahu Delicacies

79 Etz HaChaim St.

Shop name:
Tzidkiyahu Delicacies

This Jerusalem brand was established by Mordechai Zion Tzidkiyahu with Bulgarian, Kashkaval, and traditional Tzfatit cheeses. Today, two branches—one dairy and one meat—of Tzidkiyahu Delicacies grace Etz HaChaim Street. At the dairy branch you will find imported cheeses from all over the world, boutique cheeses, various dips, olive oil and fish. On the other side of the street (70 Etz HaChaim St.) you can by ready-made foods, homemade salads and pickles.

To me, the shuk is:
Nostalgia and childhood.