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Yass & Son Najach

21 Machane Yehuda St.


Shop name:
Yass & Son Najach

Roni, the third generation to run Abu Najach, has been in Machne Yehuda since the day he was born. Now the store’s manager, he also keeps tab on the store’s history, which stretches back to his grandfather buying it in 1950. Once upon a time, they stocked dairy products, bread and fish in addition to non-perishable goods, but in the mid-1970s they scaled back to their current offerings of legumes, dried fruits and spices.

Najach comes from the Arabic word meaning success. The family’s roots stretch back to Spain, though they came to Israel from Iraq. Looking out for their fellow Israelis, during hard times in the 1950s, the shop distributed food rations to Jerusalemites.

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Message for the people:
No more hatred.

To me, the shuk is:
The center of the world.