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מפת השוק

May 5th

56 Etz HaChaim St.

Amir and Gil-Ad

Shop name:
May 5th

Two friends affiliated with the Castel Commune, which exists for 8 years now "without communism, only good friends (family)," decided to open a food bar at the market, because the market is a beautiful place. They try to distinguish themselves by being unique, throwing parties at night with good music, great food and interesting drinks. Sample treats include fresh sardines from Morocco, cooked on the spot and served on bruschetta with olive oil, buffalo milk mozzarella and coriander, cherry beer (kasteel rouge), and a slushy made from fresh apples, cinnamon and anise. Employees at May 5th are Amir and Gil-Ad’s friends from the commune.

Established in:

Message for the people:
I’m most important; for me there’s only fun.

To me, the shuk is:
"Metzitzim" ("peeping toms," a famous Uri Zohar movie)