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Que pasa

12 HaEgoz St.

Yaniv Kovenshtein and Avi Betito Golansky

Shop name:
Que Pasa

The Spanish greeting “Que pasa?” means “What’s happening?” Que Pasa in Machane Yehuda is a new arrival, offering tapas (small plates) from around Spain and the Mediterranean. Co-owner Yaniv traveled to Spain and wanted to bring the experience home to Israel: the flavors and scents, the unhurried pace of life, and the Mediterranean architecture. The shuk’s authentic bustle, alive and jubilant, was a quality that Yaniv saw both in Jerusalem and in Spain.

Avi, chef and co-owner, is the creative mind behind the food. Try shaved artichoke with truffles, filleted sardines stuffed with Saint Moor cheese and fried with sage butter atop a lush tomato salad, mullet rings fried with roasted peppers, and more. Que Pasa also offers the popular Spanish beers Especial and San Miguel.

Que Pasa is kosher—a rare quality for a tapas bar. The bar is open from 13:00 until 2:00 am on weeknights and is open Saturday nights from 30 minutes after Shabbat until the last patrons depart. The owners host live shows in order to provide young, creative Jerusalemites a stage: the current schedule includes drum & bass on Sundays and Flamenco on Wednesdays.

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Message for the people:
A beer in the afternoon solves all problems.

To me, the shuk is:
Alive and real. A mix.